Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore

In today world, everything is unexpected even with the health aspect. This is why it is essential to get yourself covered especially with critical illness and it is much better if you’ve got yourself covered with early critical illness insurance in Singapore. It works more than just a regular critical illness plan. 

With critical illness plan, you have to be diagnosed with late stage critical illness such as cancer to qualify for a claim. So, if unfortunate happen like having an early stage cancer, you can’t be covered, so it is essential to find an early critical illness insurance. It can give you a pay out if you are diagnosed with an early stages of cancer or major illnesses.  

To help you find the right early critical illness plan, we have listed the best early critical illness insurance plan in Singapore. 

Top Early Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore 

One of the best early critical illness insurance Singapore providing financial support at the early stage of critical illness. It provides 30% acceleration payout for early stage diagnosis. This can help you financially while you are recovering from a critical illness.  

Just like their other type of insurance such as maid insurance Singapore, they provide a free medical teleconsultation where you can get free medical teleconsultation right at the comfort of your home. You can get immediate access to doctors just by using an app.  

With HLAS Early Critical Illness Protect360, you are provided with an immediate coverage, there’s no medical examination required. 

When diagnosed with early stage of critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, coronary artery by-pass surgery, open chest heart valve surgery, stroke with permanent neurological deficit, you can get an accelerated payout.  

By signing up with an early critical illness plan from HL Assurance, you can a limited time offer such as free 3 months coverage, up to 10% discount, plus free medical teleconsultation. 

Aviva MyEarly Critical Illness Plan II 

Another early critical illness cover in Singapore that provides 100% lump sum pay-out upon diagnosis of illnesses covered in their 132 conditions. You also have the chance to choose your desired coverage from 10 years and up to 99 age next birthday.   

With Aviva MyEarly Critical Illness Plan II, you can get an immediate payout once you have been diagnosed with early stage of critical illness. 

Manulife ReadyComplete Care 

If you are looking for early stage critical illness insurance, here is another option for you. Manulife ReadyComplete Care cover 106 conditions and critical illnesses for all stages.  Also, one of its unique feature is the ‘cover me again’ where your plan coverage can restart again even if you have made a claim. 

With ‘cover me again option’, you can receive 100% sum insured for subsequent advanced stage major cancer conditions. You may also get complimentary benefits. 

Get the Best Early Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore 

Early Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore is very much similar to other types of insurance plans in the world, with one major difference – coverage for diseases and critical illnesses. The early critical illness insurance is highly recommended and it gives you complete peace of mind and security when you are preparing for the future.  

When you have decided to buy one of these policies from the Singapore insurance company, if you are planning to buy it from a reliable and well-known company from the country, then the processing of your application will be so much easy and hassle-free. You just have to fill up the online application form which is available online or you can even call the concerned office for the application. After you fill up the form, the company would contact you within a short span of time for you to decide on the type of insurance that you are going to buy for your family. 

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