Travelling to Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country which is located in the Himalayan region. It is also known as a Himalayan country since there are many Himalayan mountains located in Bhutan. Since Bhutan is landlocked, there is no natural source of sea or ocean water.

It is a country which is located between Tibet and India. The topography of Bhutan can be divided from north to south concerning their altitude. Starting from Southern Foothills, Great Himalaya and the Inner Himalayan region. Bhutan is known as a country of mountains since it occupies the world most rugged mountain terrains.

Bhutan is blessed by its astonishing wildlife, unique architecture, Striking natural beauty, spicy food and many ancient historical cultures. Apart from this, there are many facts and secrets that Bhutan hold. Bhutan is the only country that allowed the entry of television satellites in 1999. It was the last country to do so.

There are very few million peoples stay in Bhutan, which makes it more special due to fewer population Regions. Bhutan is also known as a dragon Kingdom. Here are eight beautiful reasons why you should visit Bhutan once in your life.

History of Bhutan

Bhutan is the only country where Buddhism was first introduced by King Songtsän Gampo. Bhutan is counted as one of those countries which have never been conquered, ruled and governed by outside powers like many countries had. This makes history by itself!! Therefore, Bhutan was never forced by outside powers to lose its culture and identity. You must visit Bhutan since there are many artefacts and many cultures which are being preserved by citizens of Bhutan into their original form. Unlike other countries, Bhutan has never lost its originality.

Natural beauty

Bhutan is also blessed with its natural beauty and astonishing sceneries all over the country. Though Bhutan is a landlocked country that does not has an ocean or sea, but there are many factors through which Bhutan is known for its natural beauty. Unlike other countries, Bhutan is not developed into urban cities and is also not industrialized in such great count. This is Why many forests and many natural aspects of Bhutan are preserved for many years. The one wants to visit a country full of greenery, then Bhutan tourism would be the best choice.

Historical monuments

The citizens of Bhutan have done well in preserving its historical monuments in a great way. Many countries reserve the moments in their archive. Such countries do not prefer to show their monuments directly to the people and tourists. Whereas in Bhutan, monuments are openly kept all over the region to show the reality to the tourist. Those who keep interested in viewing original historical monuments must surely go To Bhutan.

Carbon negative

Yes, exactly Bhutan is the only country all over the world that is carbon negative. In recent time Bhutan has been given the recognition of a carbon-negative country since Bhutan holds 72% of its forest cover all over the country, which not only makes it carbon neutral but also carbon negative. This is all possible due to the peaceful governance system, which allows not only economic growth but also ecological growth of Bhutan. In 2015, more than 49,672 trees were planted in Bhutan. Speaking to real sense, Bhutan is a country of greenery and peace. As per many tourists, travelling to Bhutan is like visiting heaven.

No Western influence

Many countries in Asia have been under the influence of Western cultures. But Bhutan is a country where there is no Western influence at all. The citizens of Bhutan are engaged and stick only to their culture and their priority. In Bhutan, it can be noticed that there are no search skyscrapers, faint shopping malls, western advertisement billboards, etc. Almost 90% of citizens of Bhutan do not prefer to wear any kind of western dresses. Now, for those people who want to visit a country that does not acquire any western culture travelling to Bhutan is the best choice.

Low crime rates

To be honest, Bhutan is the safest land on the earth for Female and solo travellers. As per the statistics, the Bhutan crime rate for 2018 was 1.19, a 31.58% decline from 2017. Divide year by year, the crime rate of Bhutan is declining due to the widespread education facilities. Therefore, Bhutan is also considered in one of the best and safest country for the tourist to travel on. Now, the priority for every tourist will be their safety. countries like Bhutan ensures the whole safety of the citizens as well as tourists. If you are looking for or save tourism, you are most welcomed in Bhutan.

Peace and harmony

Bhutan is a country where Buddhism is the priority of its citizens. Since Buddhism was first introduced to Bhutan, the people started worshipping Lord Buddha. Therefore, even now, there are ethical values that people follow which were given many years ago by Lord Buddha. In this way, citizens of Bhutan prefer to remain in peace and harmony. The luckiest thing for a tourist would be e watching a country without any destruction. Bhutan holds this capacity where tourist finds their journey peaceful.


Last but not least, Bhutan has few restrictions on their tourist. There are many countries in the world which does not allow much freedom for the tourist, like many countries which do not allow tourist to click their photos in some restricted places. Bhutan does not restrict tourist to click their photo. Not only this, but also Bhutan does not have any militant’s rule. Where tourist can find their freedom, this is why if you visit Bhutan, you don’t have to face any restrictions and pay any sort of fines.

In this way, Bhutan can become the best place for your next tourist visit. If you want to get away from the noisy world, then there is no country like Bhutan, where everyone is peaceful, caring and love each other.

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