Best Brands for Denim Shorts in Singapore

For the love of denim, I know that you are also looking where to buy denim shorts in Singapore? This among the must-have wardrobe staples. Having a pair is never is enough, I know that you want to know what are the best brands in Singapore are. So, here we have compiled the best denim brands for shorts in Singapore. 

Prepare to elevate your summer fashion with these brands for denim shorts.  

Top Denim Shorts Brand in Singapore 

1. Yishion Singapore 

One of the top shops when it comes to denim. They are known for providing an array of denim styles especially for shorts. They always present a new collection of denim shorts that is trendy and fashionable. You can also experience comfort while wearing a pair of denim shorts from Yishion. You must never missed their High-waist ripped denim jeans.  

2. Uniqlo 

Uniqlo is another denim shorts brand that is known for timeless styles and classic cuts. Whatever styles you are looking for, they’ve got it for you. Get casual and stylish with their high-rise denim shorts.  

3. Levi’s 

Another denim brand that is never forgotten. You cannot go wrong with a pair of denim short from Levis. If you love mom jeans, you can’t also get enough of having a pair of their high-waisted mom jean short. 

4. H&M 

You can also never go wrong with denim shorts from H&M.  Get a timeless piece with its vintage high shorts where you can pair with any tops.  

5. Cotton On 

You’ve got an endless summer look with Cotton On high-rise classic stretch denim shirts best to pair with crop top or your tank tops. 

You can’t simply get enough in having just a single pair of denim shorts. This is a versatile where you can pair it with any tops, whether is an oversized tee or a crop top, it can go well.   

The best way to elevate your summer look. Another awesome thing about denim shorts is that you can wear this all-year-round. You can’t simply get enough of living without a denim short.  

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Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Fit of Denim Shorts 

  1. It’s essential to find the perfect fit, not too loose and not to fit. Although is not easy especially if you’re buying online, always remember to check their size guide or ask them directly. 
  1. Choose mid-length. Although there are numerous length when it comes to denim shorts, you can’t never go wrong with mid-length where you can make the most of it. It can give a cool chic image.  
  1. Choose the right color that matches you. Aside from length, the colour also has a variety of option, it can go from black to classic blue. It will vary based on your personal taste. Simply, there is no one right color for this but you can never go wrong also with the classic colors of denim shorts like the indigo or blue. 
  1. You can go with distressed or non-distressed just like with jeans. If you want to get more noticeable look you can go with a distressed style, since distressed offer a unique look.  
  1. Choose a pair of denim shorts that have a narrow leg opening. This type of denim short is body-hugging and best to fit the contour of your legs. But, again always make sure that you got the right fit.  
  1. Go for a cuffed denim shorts if you want a neat looking jeans. This is also a popular style of denim jeans nowadays.  

In summary, choose for a denim shorts that always goes well with your fashion style. This denim short must also be comfy a perfect fit. 

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